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Played by Magnus Scheving:

The super-healthy hero of the show, hailing from "an island in the North Sea" (a tongue-in-cheek reference to Iceland, LazyTown's country of origin). Sportacus encourages the kids of LazyTown to eat "sports candy" (his word for fruits and vegetables of all kinds), and to play outside instead of just sitting around indoors playing video games or eating junk food. He wants to make sure LazyTown is happy, and knows that they have to be healthy and fit to be so. Sportacus is constantly engaged in physical activity, and even does gymnastics just to get from place to place. Even brushing his teeth turns into an acrobatic feat. In the episode, "New Superhero", the children try to teach him how to relax by giving him a 'vacation' (despite his protests), but Sportacus just can't stand sitting still. Sportacus is always saving people. His crystal beeps to let him know that someone needs his help. He's patient and understanding. Sportacus doesn't think of himself as a Superhero, but rather, a Slightly-Above-Average Hero.


Played by Julianna Rose Mauriello:

The character who inspired the citizens (and most importantly, the children) of LazyTown to get up and go. She is an 8 year old whose hair, outfits and accessories are pink. She came to town to visit her uncle, the mayor of LazyTown. At first, Stephanie attempted to get the kids to go outside and play, but she was foiled by Robbie Rotten when he tempted the kids with "lazy" things. But when she asked for Sportacus' help, the whole town worked together to make LazyTown the best place to live. Stephanie loves to dance. She dreams of studying dance at a famous dance school. Her motto is, "There's Always a Way!"

Robbie Rotten
Played by Stefan Karl Stefansson:

The antagonist of the show. He is always trying to get the kids to eat junk food and is forever trying to banish Sportacus from LazyTown. He wants to make sure LazyTown remains quiet and lazy, as it was before the arrival of Sportacus and Stephanie. Robbie devises all sorts of plans to achieve this, and sometimes comes very close to succeeding, but Sportacus always manages to 'save the day' with the help of Stephanie and her friends. The amount of effort that this champion of inactivity puts into his plots is ironic; he may be the most active person in LazyTown because of it. Although his actions are those of an evil villain, he refers to himself as "a simple, rotten guy who's just misunderstood." He lives in an underground lair from which he spies on the people of LazyTown through a periscope. Robbie's main asset is his huge array of disguises, which consistently deceive LazyTown's inhabitants, and even Sportacus.


Puppeteered and voiced by Guomundur Por Karason:

The character who loves to eat candy and sweets - particularly Taffy. After Stephanie came along he found that there is more to childhood than sugary treats. He is now active and participates in any sport the gang plays, but still enjoys candy. He can usually be seen holding a lollipop.

Puppeteered and voiced by Jodi Eichelberger:

As his name implies, the greedy and possessive character. He still plays with the gang, but he will always care about his stuff: especially his car and his prized piggy bank. He often says "It's mine!" and has his own song by that name (which names everything in LazyTown as his!). He can also play the harmonica and recorder.

Puppeteered and voiced by Sarah Burgess:

The trouble-maker character, though she does like to play with everyone else. Trixie refers to Stephanie as "Pinky" when trying to get her attention. She also likes to draw moustaches on the mayor's posters.

Puppeteered by Ron Binion and Julie Westwood, voiced by Kobie Powell:

The character (originally named Goggi Mega) who plays too much on the computer. Stephanie taught him not to play too many video games. He fixes up all sorts of gadgets to help him avoid doing something himself, such as a machine to tie his shoes or a remote that "does everything for you." He loves anything to do with computers, technology and gadgets.

Mayor Milford Meanswell
Puppeteered and voiced by David Matthew Feldman:

A nervous wreck who has a crush on Ms. Busybody. He loves his niece Stephanie very much and calls Sportacus if she feels sad or depressed and doesn't want to express her feelings. He is also famous for saying "Oh my!" all the time if something is wrong.

Bessie Busybody
Puppeteered and voiced by Julie Westwood:

Although patronizing, she tries her best to be motherly with the children. She is aware of every new trend, and is pompous but fashionable, and she loves to talk on her cell phone.


Sportacandy (in other regions known as Sweetacus)

Ziggy's superhero alter-ego who's just like Sportacus, but he only saves sweets. He is seen for a short time in some episodes, but he did star in a whole episode called Hero For A Day.

#9 (not seen, only referred to)

A superhero from an island in the North Sea, who served as LazyTown's protector and resident role model in times past. He is different from Sportacus, as he had a big number 9 on his chest, whereas Sportacus is number 10. When Stephanie was trying to think how to get the kids to play outside, Mayor Meanswell told her about #9 and how they could send messages to him through a tube that Robbie Rotten had plugged up. Stephanie tried it and Sportacus got her letter asking for help. He then came to LazyTown.

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