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Lyrics And Songs

Click on the or song name to display the lyrics

Season 1:
 Show/Hide Always A Way
 Show/Hide Anything Can Happen
 Show/Hide Bing Bang
 Show/Hide Cooking By The Book
 Show/Hide Energy
 Show/Hide Galaxy
 Show/Hide Get It Together
 Show/Hide Gizmo Guy
 Show/Hide Go For It
 Show/Hide Good Stuff
 Show/Hide Good To Be Bad
 Show/Hide Have You Never
 Show/Hide I'm A Prince
 Show/Hide I Can Move
 Show/Hide Lazy Scouts
 Show/Hide Man On A Mission
 Show/Hide Master Of Disguise
 Show/Hide The Mine Song
 Show/Hide Playtime
 Show/Hide Spooky Song
 Show/Hide Step By Step
 Show/Hide Take A Vacation
 Show/Hide Teamwork
 Show/Hide Twenty Times Time
 Show/Hide Wake Up
 Show/Hide Welcome To LazyTown
 Show/Hide Woof Woof Woof
 Show/Hide You're A Pirate

Season 2:
 Show/Hide Clean Up
 Show/Hide Colors
 Show/Hide Fun To Be The Mayor
 Show/Hide Give Me Snow
 Show/Hide The Greatest Genie
 Show/Hide I Like Learning
 Show/Hide I Wanna Dance
 Show/Hide Lazy Rockets
 Show/Hide Let's Go
 Show/Hide New Games Every Day
 Show/Hide Playing On The Playground
 Show/Hide Play In A Band
 Show/Hide Story Time
 Show/Hide Techno Generation
 Show/Hide Time To Play
 Show/Hide Time To Start The Show
 Show/Hide We Got Energy
 Show/Hide We Will Be Friends

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